my brother's backyard

my family gathered this thanksgiving in clarendon, pa - at my brother and sister in-law's house, which happens to be in the state park he manages.  aside from the 13 hour drive both ways, it was a great trip.  i was introduced to my niece brenna, got to play in 15" of snow, hang out with the family, see a few friends and eat until i couldn't eat anymore.  

these are all images from chapman state park, which doubles as my brother's backyard.

entrance to the park

sun setting over chapman lake

ominous sky over the frozen lake

remember - only you can prevent forrest fires

the sun poking through the clouds between snow showers

the swinging bridge on the lowlands trail

hiking in the snow

sun setting over tionesta creek

more images of the park in the gallery below to save some space

a time-lapse of sunset over chapman lake.