loss of a friend

george was an old friend. literally - he was 83 when he passed away saturday.  many of my young friends thought it odd that i spent so much time with him and his wife barb, until they would meet him, then they understood why, because he was pretty damn awesome.  

george taught me to drive his center console boat, navigate charleston's waterways, catch crab, throw a cast net, and most of all appreciate what charleston has to offer - water. 

george will be dearly missed by so many people, and i am one of them. 

for his service yesterday at mariners cay, sloane and i went out early in the morning and painted the folly boat in his honor - unfortunately it was painted over within a few hours, but thats the folly boat.


Folly Boat

barb, george and winston posing for their christmas card last year. if you know me, you know that i really have to like you to do a family photo....