sunrise at the boneyard

we headed to edisto state park for an evening of camping this past week, with friends from out of town.  it was hot, buggy, and windless - but we managed to have a good time anyways.  cold beer always helps.  fish tacos over the fire, a frozen peach cobbler pie - cooked over the coals, and wine also helped.  i invited everyone to come along for my sunrise adventure, but oddly enough, everyone wanted to sleep in.  so i woke before the sun came up, hopped in the car and drove a few miles up the road to bottany bay.  if you live in charleston, or near it, and have never been - you need to go.  the park contains two miles of undeveloped beach - with a boneyard that is amazingly beautiful, tons of loggerhead nests during the nesting season, and about a million mosquitos and no-see-ums.  the gallery below is a few shots from the campsite, sunrise at the beach, and few shots on the trail to the beach, i didn't have time to spend in the rest of the park - but it is worth it if you find the time. 

sunrise at botany bay