capers island in august

i have been frequenting capers island this summer, and instead of doing multiple posts, i decided to smash my most recent two trips into one.  i got sloane out the first weekend of august and then went back the end of that week to spend the night with some friends.  sloane and i just spent the afternoon on the inlet side of the island, where i erected my hammock tarp as a sunshade using the kayak paddles.  it worked incredibly well, once i had it all staked out, and was pretty important in our ability to stay out, since it was a 106 degree heat index.  later that week, i met up with my friends brad and beth and chelsea, and we spent the night out there - which was awesome.  the spot we stayed at came complete with a tree house type platform to hang out on, and an abundance of drift wood to burn and make benches with.  for dinner we had brad's famous dutch oven chili, with cornbread baked on top.  we attempted a hike to the brackish impoundment on the island, but were chased out by about a billion mosquitoes.  the night was perfect for hanging in the hammock, and i got up early to catch the sunrise, as i always do out there.  one of the the videos below is a quick time lapse i did of the sun rising, and the other is of a dolphin we tracked down on our paddle back to the landing.  it seemed to be digging for crabs in the tidal flats, and could care less about our presence.  it was some sea world stuff - we could have reached out and touched this guy, but we didn't want to disturb it - anymore than we all ready were (please ignore my horrible commentary).