uttbk - in charleston

sloane turned 27 the other weekend - not a very momentous birthday, usually.   this one was though.  two of her best friends, nikki and martha, from highschool flew down to visit for an extended weekend.  along with nikki, came her husband and our friend, matteo - who happens to be an amazing chef.  nikki and matteo operate a supper club in brooklyn, new york - under the table brooklyn.  if you live in ny, or will be visiting, you should book a dinner, you won't be disappointed.  so sloane, nikki, martha, matteo and myself - put on a dinner party in our backyard.  there was some serious planning that went into this event, and sloane loved every minute of it.  matteo and i spent an entire morning shopping for the ingredients, which whenever possible were local.  sloane, martha and nikki set up the backyard and designed the tables/settings.  the dinner, which matteo prepared by himself for ten people, was six courses of awesomeness. his creations are pictured below in the gallery, the menu that explains it all is the first image.  i set up a quick food set in my home studio and shot everything right before we enjoyed devouring it.  we ate and drank like kings, and when we were done, sloane beat the crap out of a pinata with a stick, sending starburst and pixie sticks in flying in a 30 foot radius.  i found about 40 the following morning, all wet and slimy from the rain that night.