the ocean state

sloane and i spent last weekend in the great state of rhode island, for the engagement party of her brother and his fiancé.  we stayed in east greenwich, RI - which is where her parents have a condo.  surprisingly this is only my second visit to rhode island, usually when we visit her family we head to vermont, where her parents have a home in the mountains.  friday night sloane and i met our friends kris and jana, who used to live in charleston, out in providence for dinner and got to catch up with them a bit.  jana is quite pregnant currently, but she managed to stay up until midnight with us - which was great.  the next morning we had some time before the party, so sloane and i took a walk around east greenwich.  it seems to be a typical small new england town, although i haven't been to very many, so I could be way off.  the condo her parents own has a great view of greenwich bay and goddard state park, which you will see in the sunrise image below.  the view is occasionally interrupted by a commuter train, which are surprisingly quiet and fast, but for the most part it is quite fantastic.  the party started at 3ish and went well into the morning - and i had the chance to meet all the people i will be in the wedding with.  sunday morning was a bit rough, due to the overconsumption of alcohol.  we had breakfast and laid around lazily for a few hours.  one of sloanes bff's from college was in town, so she stopped by for a visit - she had no idea we were about to have a motor scooter afternoon.  we took the whelan's mopeds over to the park and rode around for a few hours, which i think turned out to be the highlight of the trip for me, those things are fun.  after we were all motored out, we headed back to the house and witnessed the pats destroy the buccaneers and dined on leftovers from the engagement party.  we caught a flight back to chuck town early monday morning.  check out the gallery below for a few shots from around town, and of the scooter adventure in goddard state park.