sunday funday, and some history thrown in

this past weekend, our plans to camp saturday evening were thwarted by the possibility of death by tornado,  which didn't seem like much fun.  so we enjoyed the chicken chili we were going to cook in the dutch oven, on the stove instead and watched football in the relative comfort of my friends house.  we got up early on sunday to clear skies and calm winds, and hatched a plan to paddle eleven miles from sunrise park on james island to crosby's on folly road. we caught the back end of an ebb tide from sunrise park and let that and wind carry us out of the harbor. 

brad and beth paddling the harbor 

brad and beth paddling the harbor 

the history part of this trip comes in the form of the civil war.  very near the entrance to charleston harbor is fort sumter, the very spot where the first shots of the civil war were fired.  the fort is now a national monument that folks can tour either by paid ferry ride, or by personal boat.  we opted not to get out and explore, as we had all been there before.  

fort sumter

fort sumters flags

fort sumter from morris island

we pulled our boats out of the water for an expiration of the north end of morris island, and waited for the tide to start coming back in, so we could paddle with it the next nine miles inland.

ft sumter from morris island

dead dinosaur, or horse shoe crab as many know them

the coast guard

view of sullivans lighthouse from morris island

oyster cacher

brown pelicans

brad and beth on the home stretch - check out that awesome hat