the art of flight

a few of my friends have some of the coolest hobbies i have yet to discover, aside from kayaking. they are addicted to flight, in one form or the other, and most of their extracurricularactivities revolve around it.  they fly rc helicopters and planes with cameras and goggles, which allow them a first person view of the object the are piloting.  they kite surf and sky dive, one of them has a private license for fix wing aircraft and is working on a helicopter license as well.  the other is the man behind a sweet little anemometer that plugs into your smart phone and gives you instant and accurate wind speed, with the help of a free app.  back in early february i photographed said device, for a pr campaign he is launching, one of our location shoots took us to folly beach to photograph the wind meter with his flight gear.  of course since we dragged all the gear out there, he had to go for a flight while we were there.  these are a few of the better shots i managed while ryan (green wing) and joe (orange wing), who showed up a bit later, were up in the air.  enjoy, i know they did...

step 1 - strap propeller to back, lay out wing and lines

step 3 - keep running

step 2 - start running to get the wing in the air

step 4 - jump in the air and hit the gas

ryan looking cool flying his quad copter

it's not the government spying on you, yet….