spring crick

april 11-13 2014 - the annual migration to the woods of the allegheny national forrest to fish (drink) with my fellow pennsyltuckians in honor of the first day of trout season.  it usually snows, rains and is generally pretty terrible weather.  this year was an extreme exception.  aside from a full day of rain on friday, when most folks showed up, we had sunny skies and warm weather the rest of the weekend.  despite the warmer temps, we were still able to burn at least two entire dead trees.  i took a few moments away from the party to shoot some images, but mostly we stood around the fire, ate and drank heavily.  good times were had by all as usual.  

the crick

moss covered hemlock

sunlight beaming through the trees

the twin vdubs

empty fire side

full fire side

the life of the party - time lapse from 7pm to 2am at the campsite